Brightspace by D2L Learning Management System Consolidation

To provide a unified experience for students across the university, the central learning management systems used by Georgia State University and by the newly added Perimeter College are being consolidated into a single environment that will be used beginning in Fall 2016. The consolidated environment will be powered by Brightspace by Desire2Learn, just as the current GSU and Perimeter College systems are today and will have all the features available in the current systems.

icollege_logo_red-01The consolidated learning management system, along with all third party integrations such as Kaltura video hosting, VoiceThread multimedia commenting, Blackboard Collaborate web conferencing, and others will be referred to as iCollege.

The combined environment will be available for faculty to prepare for Fall 2016 beginning in April 2016. Students will first access the new consolidated instance a few weeks prior to the Fall 2016 semester. The consolidated system will include two years of migrated course materials (but not student data). All faculty have the option of exporting additional course materials from Brightspace and importing them into the combined system.

What’s Changing in the New Environment: The consolidation of systems does involve a name change from Brightspace by D2L to iCollege. The change is not a technology change but rather a change to how we will think of our digital learning environment. Moving forward, iCollege will not just refer to the learning management system but will reference the suite of learning technologies that combine to make up the university’s digital learning environment. iCollege is Brightspace by D2L, Kaltura video hosting, Piazza social learning platform, VoiceThread multimedia commenting, Blackboard Collaborate web conferencing, and more. The concept of the digital learning environment is becoming more common across higher education. The name iCollege was chosen for the digital learning environment because it was in use at Georgia Perimeter College prior to the consolidation with Georgia State University.

While the new learning management environment will have all the same functions available in the current system, a few features will change. The lists below explains the features that are changing.


Faculty should be aware of the following timeline in order to prepare to use the consolidated system for Fall 2016.

April 2016

Faculty access available to consolidated system, with migrated materials from Fall 2014 through Fall 2015.

  • Sign in as early as April to begin preparing for Fall 2016.
  • Course materials available from Fall 2014, Spring 2015, Summer 2015, Fall 2015, Spring 2016 and Summer 2016 in consolidated system.
  • Although course materials will migrate, course materials will NOT include student data.
  • Materials from non-Banner migrated courses (such as sandboxes, non-academic courses, training courses, and online templates) also available for review at this time. These materials will be migrated to the new system reflecting changes made in the previous system up until March 11.
June 2016
Spring 2016 content migrated and available in the consolidated system.
August 2016
Summer 2016 content migrated and available in the consolidated system.
August 2017

The current Brightspace by Desire2Learn system will be available for review through August 2017.

In Fall 2016, the new consolidated environment will become the system used across campus. However, the current Brightspace by Desire2Learn environment will continue to be available for review through August 2017.

  • No new courses will be added to Brightspace by D2L once the Summer 2016 semester ends.
  • After Summer 2016, the current Brightspace environment should only be used to:
    • Access grades for grade challenges
    • Access student information and activities for incompletes
    • Export course materials that you need to import to the new consolidated (iCollege) environment.
  • Migration of additional materials: To ensure access to student grade book data beyond August 2017, faculty are encouraged to download or print copies of their Brightspace by D2L gradebooks. Faculty may also want to export course materials from additional semesters that were not migrated as part of the system consolidation.

Workshops & Support

Scheduled April 18-22 and throughout the summer.

System Overview


Sneak Peak Webinar
Get an early overview of the consolidated system.


Consolidation Overview Sessions
Attend an overview session to get a look at the new, consolidated environment and features.


Personalized Support


Get support for readying your course for Fall 2016 in the new system with a personalized support session.

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